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I've been mulling over the idea of having a page here where I post things like reading challenges, lists, statistics (sounds boring, but I think it'll be fun to look back at the year and see everything I've read), giveaways, etc....

So here it is!

Happy reading!

Updated February 12, 2019
Welcome to 2019, my fellow book-lovers!  Due to some personal and unforeseen circumstances, I'm a little bit behind in posting this year's Reading Challenge (though I suppose I'm about 6 months better than I was in 2018).  I've compiled my own reading challenge for 2019 and thought you all might want to play along with me; I will provide links to so you can watch my own progress and maybe even get inspired for your own challenge.  This list is meant to encourage reading a broad variety of materials from different genres and authors.  I hope this gives you a chance to explore books you may not have otherwise read and enjoy some new experiences.  Please feel free to comment with your progress -- I would love to know what all of you are reading (and I may even borrow some of your choices to complete my own reading challenge).  I wasn't 100% successful with my 2018 challenge (life got on the way, unfortunately), but I hope to do better this year.  Happy reading!

  • A book that was made into a movie (yes, you should watch the movie, too!)
  • A work of nonfiction
  • A book by your favorite author:  Bad Attitude
  • A work that's considered a "classic"
  • A book set before 1800
  • A book by an author you've never read
  • A book published in 2019
  • A book currently on the New York Times Bestseller List
  • A book set in a county you want to visit one day:  The Governess Game
  • A book set in your home state
  • A book that has been on your "to read" list for a long time, but you haven't gotten around to reading
  • A book written by a woman:  When Gods Die
  • A book that will enrich you
  • A book written by an author of a different ethnicity than you
  • A book - fiction or nonfiction - about someone of historical importance
  • A retelling or reimagining of a classic story (i.e. fairytale or myth):  All the Ever Afters
  • A book you once started to read, but never finished
  • A book published in a year that is significant to you (i.e. the year you were born or married or the year your child was born)
  • A book set in your favorite season
  • A book with magic or time travel:  The Little Shop of Found Things
  • A book you received or purchased second-hand
  • A YA book (any subject)
  • A banned book
  • A book told from multiple narrative perspectives:  A Simple Favor

Updated August 7, 2018

Well it's about darn time that I get around to putting something on this page!
Even though August of 2018 is already underway, I thought it would be fun to post a reading challenge.  I spend a lot of time on Pinterest pinning books to read and I've come across a few pretty good reading challenges.  This one happens to come from Melissa Hawkins over at (the link to her page can be found HERE because I'm a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due -- Melissa came up with this fantastic list, I'm just following along!).

She's also got some pretty interesting Pinterest boards for reading fanatics out there and I suggest you check her out (if I am not overestimating my computer abilities, you should be able to click on the list above and it (in theory) should take you to her Pinterest page with all of her (very aesthetically pleasing) boards).

I would love to hear what books you read as a part of this challenge (recommendations are my favorite way to find new authors and books!).  Please share your journey!  I can already knock a few off of this list.

Here is what I've managed to complete off of this list thus far this year (and I've included links to each of the reviews as well!):
  1. A book published in 2018:  Camp Austen
  2. A book published the year you were born (1990):  Shadows and Lace
  3. A classic book or a book published over 100 years ago:  Pride & Prejudice
  4. A book you've started before and never finished:
  5. A book you should have read in school, but didn't:
  6. A book you've already read -- time for a re-read!:  Night Embrace
  7. A book you've put off reading:
  8. A banned book:
  9. A book by an author you've never read:  Princesses Behaving Badly
  10. A popular author's first book:
  11. A book turned movie you've seen but haven't read:  Winter's Tale
  12. A funny book:  My Lady's Choosing
  13. A book that will make you smarter:  The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde
  14. An award-winning book:
  15. A book chosen for you by a friend:
  16. A book set during Christmas:  Sometimes I Lie


Melissa Hawkins said...

Thank you so much for the shout-out! I’m new to the world of blogging and found that my favorite thing was to share my love of reading and the book world with everyone. We’re a special breed in the best possible way!

AlwaysEloquent said...

No problem! I love exploring blogs and other readers' recommendations. I absolutely agree that we book lovers are a special breed; we need to share our passions with the world and inspire others! I'm a firm believer that no one "hates" reading, they just haven't been introduced to the right book yet. If I can inspire just one reader, or introduce one person to a book they never would have chosen for themselves and get them excited about it, then I consider it a job well done!